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Welcome to our Journey of Faith resource page! Here you will find links to home session plans, both for those families who are exclusively journeying at home this year, and for families during the months they are not attending in person. If someone in your family is currently preparing for First Eucharist or Confirmation, watch your email for specific information and direct links to preparation resources. Please contact Barb with any questions or comments.


In this unit, we learn that the Church teaches that everyone is called to the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. We prepare for eternal life by accepting God’s grace, growing in his friendship, and serving him and one another right now. Jesus gave us an example of how we can follow him: forgiving others, treating others with respect, and helping those who are hungry and in need. By our Baptism, we are called to do this, to continue the mission of the Church. That is why in the Mass, after receiving the Eucharist, which nourishes us to do the work Christ calls us to, we are sent out to proclaim the Good News. This is evangelization—giving witness to the faith by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus through our words and deeds in a way that invites people to accept the Gospel.

  • We bring forth the Kingdom on earth by loving others. How do you "pay forward" the love God has shown for you?

  • Watch this video for the value of "paying forward"


Check out this year's Lent Schedule.

Check out Lenten Inspiration for Families for basic Lenten practices. This document also includes a link to additional online Lent resources.

The Diocesan webpage has added links to Lent resources, as well as Lenten mini video retreats. You can still access family lessons based on the Sunday readings here as well: Family Together on the St. Cloud Diocese page.

For age-based family activities and discussion based on the Sunday readings, check out Loyola Press' Sunday Connection page.

For background to the Sunday readings, age-based Questions of the Week, Saints and Activities for each week, and a weekly prayer, visit Our Sunday Visitor's Lifelong Catechesis page.











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First Eucharist Parent / Child at-home session



Families currently preparing for First Eucharist this spring may sign up for a First Eucharist Celebration date and time.

CONFIRMATION preparation materials, forms and sign-ups are here.




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