We Want to Know What You Think!


What is SeptemberFest to you?  Is it only a Parish get-together?  Is it a source of revenue for the parish?  Can it be both? 


We would like to evaluate all aspects of SeptemberFest to--see what can be improved, see what can be added, or see if it is time for some activities to end.


Complete the questions to the right to let us know what you think!

If you were not able to be here on September 24 for the SeptemberFest Block Party...you missed a good time!


The weather turned out to be wonderful most of the day, the food and drink was plentiful, games for all ages, music was uplifting, prizes were won by many, the Bean Bag Tournament was great competition for the entrants, and the car show was amazing! 


Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Dream Big Win Raffle:


10th         $500    Jeff Bloss

  9th         $500    Trish Gingras

  8th         $500    Mary Gregory

  7th         $500    Renae Hildebrandt

  6th         $500    Mary George

  5th         $500    Lu Schuette

  4th      $1,000    Justin Nelson

  3rd      $3,000    Kalli Nelson

  2nd     $5,000    Colleen Killian

  1st  $20,0000    Elaine Jindra


Our MIssion

We, the people of Mary of the Visitation parish,

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Our Motto

"See Christ In Others;

        Be Christ For Others!”

Our Vision

Through the proclamation of the Word of God

and embraced by the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

we seek to be welcoming,

to grow spiritually,

to see Christ’s presence in others,

and to offer our care and service to all.



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