Buildings & Grounds

Committee and Duties


In Jesus' time, the steward was the manager of the household. The steward was not the owner of the assets, but a responsible administrator of the owner's property.  The Building and Grounds Committee fulfills this need for our parish.


Members serving on the committee are diverse in their skills and interests but share the desire and willingness to steward.  On a monthly basis the committee meets to plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of the church in all aspects of the care of its buildings and grounds:


  • Lead in determining the needed construction, remodeling, repair, and maintenance of all properties belonging to the church.

  • Guide the church in its endeavors to keep the buildings and grounds serviceable and neat in appearance at all times.

  • Oversee all work that is contracted out by the church.

  • Communicate with the church on issues and actions that should be taken that are not covered by the church budget or that are not the general practice of the church.

  • Maintain a “Wish List” of items that are needed, will be needed at some future point or would be nice to have--all of which cannot be accomplished within the normal operating budget.


From East to West, from bell tower to basement, the Buildings and Grounds committee serves as the steward of the numerous buildings, grounds and equipment generously provided by the parish.


The Buildings and Grounds Committee meets at 7 pm on the second Thursday of the month, alternating locations. If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please contact Greg Powers at 763-300-4249 or


However, there are needs that arise, such as a repair or maintenance issues, that can be addressed by a parish member that possesses the skill, knowledge and willingness to help the parish. It is at those times when we refer to the membership database for assistance.


The appropriate people are then contacted and asked if they would be willing and able to perform the repair or maintenance concern.


For that reason, each year we ask the parish membership to let us know in which ministry or ministries they are willing to participate in the coming year through the time and talent process.

· General Maintenance

· Electrical

· Plumbing

· Carpentry


There are other times when more planning and lead time is necessary or a larger group needs to be coordinated. At those times an appeal for help is made to the entire membership asking for assistance.