The word "cemetery" is derived from a Greek word meaning "sleeping chamber"; an appropriate way to describe the final resting place of departed members of the Catholic Christian Community who profess confident belief in the resurrection.


The Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Becker and the Our Lady of the Lake Cemetery in Big Lake are owned by Mary of the Visitation Church and operated by MOTV’s Cemetery Committee, in accordance with the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church, the Statutes of the Diocese of St. Cloud and the Laws of the State of Minnesota. MOTV’s Cemetery Committee, which meets quarterly, is the agent of the parish for the administration of the business of both cemeteries.


These cemeteries are Holy Places, sacred grounds that have been blessed by the Church and dedicated as a place of prayer and dignity for our faithfully departed. It is hoped that visits to the cemetery be frequent, prayerful and strengthening to the faith of those who visit. Rules and Regulations have been adopted to serve all families who entrust their beloved to our care and visit the cemeteries, and to maintain them to be neat and presentable.



—Decorating a grave is a privilege, not a right. The Committee has in place a decoration policy that safeguards both the lot holder and the Cemetery. In many cases, they will directly reflect on the health and safety of patrons and volunteers. The Cemetery Committee cannot assume any liability for decorations placed on grave sites. It is recommended that families take into consideration the rules and regulations when selecting flowers or decorations for graves.


Clean-up Periods

—In preparation for spring, between April 15 and May 15, and in preparation of winter, between October 16 and November 1, the grounds will be cleaned at both of the parish’s cemeteries. If there are decorations on your loved one’s grave that you wish to save, please remove them before April 15 –or– October 16. All decorations remaining will be removed and disposed of. Decorations placed during the clean-up periods are subject to removal and disposal without any further notice.


The Catholic Cemeteries Association embodies the Corporal Work of Mercy to Bury the Dead with dignity and respect.


There are valid reasons for our Decoration Policy. We ask for cooperation in following them. The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to remove and discard at any time, without notice, any and all decorations or objects which violate this decoration policy as well as those decorations or objects it deems unsightly, offensive to nearby lot holders, and/or are not in keeping with the spirit of the decoration policy. The Cemetery Committee assumes no liability whatsoever for removal and discarding as stated herein nor will it accept liability for damage done to decorations due to vandalism, theft, wind, vehicles, animals, chemicals used in weed and pest control, landscaping design, snow or leaf removal, mowing, or machinery-making interments. Failure of the Cemetery Committee to enforce any provision(s) of this Decoration policy does not bar it from enforcing such provisions(s) at a later date.