The ministry of Communion to the Homebound is a special combination of the ministries of hospitality and Eucharist.  A Homebound Minister represents the community of Mary of the Visitation by bringing God’s word, Holy Communion and the continuing presence of the parish to those who are physically unable to assemble with the congregation.


The visitation of sick and homebound members is a special call. A Ministry of Presence.  Christians reach towards people who are often suffering, sad or hurting to bring the light of God’s love as embodied in Jesus Christ. The reception of Communion is not only a privilege but also a sign of support and concern by the Christian community for its members.


The opportunity for the ministers to share their time, their faith and to bring the Body of Christ to others is a gift to not only the recipient but to the minister as well.  Does this ministry speak to you?  Contact the parish office at 763.447.3339 for more information.


Has illness or fragility prevented you or another member of the parish that you know from attending Mass and receiving communion?  Would a visit from a Minister of Communion to the Homebound be appreciated?  Whether it’s short term or long term there are members of our parish who serve in this ministry of bringing communion to those who are homebound. For more information or to request a visit, please contact the parish office at 763.447.3339.



Ministers of Communion to the Homebound extend the community of faith beyond the church walls to those who are unable to attend Mass because of illness or infirmity.