Belonging to a parish calls all members to participate in the life of the parish.  We are called, based on Jesus’ teaching on Christian care for our neighbor (Mt. 25:34), to “bury the dead”; to assist families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. 


To assist in the burial of the dead, including providing the meal for a family, is a Corporal Work of Mercy; the responsibility of all baptized Catholics.



Families and friends are encouraged to gather together after the funeral liturgy to share a meal, stories, and  memories of their loved one whose life and resurrection in Christ they all come to celebrate.  We, as a parish, express love, care and support to these families and friends by providing the meal and environment in which to gather and share.  The family chooses a main dish provided by a caterer.  The side dishes, desserts and other items are provided by fellow parish members. 


This is an important ministry to the family and friends--as well as those who serve them.  When notice is received of an upcoming funeral, those members who indicated a willingness to help by suppling food, setting up or serving the meal, cleaning up after the meal or laundering the table linens, are contacted and scheduled based on their availability.  This format allows more members an opportunity to serve in this ministry and eliminates any burdern on just a few individuals.


If interested in more information about this ministry or serving in some capacity, please email or call the Parish Office at 763-447-3339.


Hospitality is at the heart of every Christian person

and as Christians we see in one another the face of Jesus Christ.