For many years the Hotdish Hotline has been reaching out and helping parish families. This program allows families to focus on managing major (family/life) transitions, such as recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, going through chemo or radiation therapy, a new baby, etc., instead of worrying about “what’s for dinner?”


Families that have received meals from the Hotdish Hotline are extremely grateful for the gifts of the meals, friendship, support and the knowledge that they are not alone…their parish family is caring for them. These meals truly help families by nourishing their bodies and souls. One mother said, “The meals have enabled us to feel like a family and sit down together to eat.” Another recipient said, “The Hotdish Hotline was a lifesaver to us. It helped provide nourishment and a feeling of connection to the parish family.”


The Hotdish Hotline requires no meetings, can be done by anyone, and is flexible so it can fit into any schedule. The Hotdish Hotline needs people who are willing to prepare and deliver a meal to help another family. When a need is identified, volunteers are notified and they can sign up for a date that fits their schedule. If you would like to volunteer to be on the Hotdish Hotline, either sign up with your time and talent selections or contact Danette at the parish office at 763-447-3339.


Hotdish Hotline also needs help identifying when a family/couple/individual would appreciate this service. Please contact the parish office if you are aware of someone experiencing major life challenges or changes and might benefit from receiving the Hotdish Hotline.


Hotdish Hotline...Making a difference one meal at a time!