Liturgical ministers—those who serve as Greeters, Ushers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers and Sacristans—are vital to our weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Many of their actions and duties are performed discreetly, and it can be easy to overlook or take for granted the importance of these roles.


The celebration of the Eucharist is an action of the whole church in which each of us participates, fulfilling our function or duty according to our own unique gifts. Whatever ministries are exercised by different persons during liturgy, they are always undertaken after careful consideration of one’s abilities, prayer and discernment of God’s call, and appropriate preparation. Liturgical ministers, then, do not merely perform necessary duties, but witness powerfully to God’s persistent call to service.


In preparing and being faithful to the commitment they have made, ministers themselves often experience a special grace and presence of Christ as they celebrate the Mass, knowing that they have more fully participated and allowed God to work in and through them. God uses our talents to make the Kingdom present in our midst today.


Many individuals are needed each week to carry out liturgical ministries in our parish. As disciples we are called to see Christ in others and to be Christ for others. Ministers serve approximately once a month at the Mass time of choice, arriving 30 minutes prior to Mass to prepare. Training is provided for all ministries and is available at any time throughout the year. 


If you feel called to serve in any of these areas, please sign up on Time and Talent, contact Gretchen Roe at 763-447-3339 x307 or 763-262-7388 or the office 763-447-3339.





Eucharistic Minister (5 per Mass)

Prepares and distributes Communion at Mass; must be Confirmed


Lector (1-2 per Mass)

Proclaims Sacred Scripture, Prayers of the Faithful and announcements; workbook provided


Greeter (2-4 per Mass)

Welcomes assembly, distributes worship aids, and provides basic information/assistance


Usher (3 per Mass)

Collects the gifts, counts Mass attendance, and provides basic information/assistance

Altar Server (Acolyte) (1-2 per Mass)

Carries processional cross and assists presider as needed (holding books, candles, etc.); grade three or older

Sacristan (1 per Mass)

Oversees preparations for Mass and assists other ministers and visiting presiders


Communion to Nursing Homes                 (2-3 per Mass)

Ministers are dismissed from 8:30 am Mass and visit senior care centers in Becker and Big Lake to share the Word and Communion with residents.