Liturgy Committee


The Liturgy Committee is open to those who wish to contribute to the development of the liturgical life of the parish.  The role of this committee is to help create vibrant, meaningful, liturgical celebrations that encourage the full, active and conscious participation of the entire assembly.  This committee helps plan major liturgical feasts/seasons and special celebrations throughout the year, discusses the duties of each liturgical ministry and trains ministers, discusses environment and decorating issues, implements the directives of new church documents as necessary, and explores many other topics relating to the fruitful, prayerful celebration of the liturgy.  This committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.



To signup for Liturgical Ministries, Contact: 


Gretchen Roe

Director of Music and Liturgy





Liturgical Ministry

Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church



Ministry Overview:  Many diverse ministries are necessary to create a welcoming and prayerful liturgical celebration.  Liturgy is the “work of the people”, and there is an opportunity for individuals with many different talents and personality types to serve.  Your service within the liturgy should simply be a visible manifestation of the faith and love you show outside the liturgy.  Training sessions for all ministers are provided on a regular basis, and are required before beginning ministry.  All ministers are expected to arrive at the church at least 20 minutes before Mass begins for prayer and preparation.  Schedules are created monthly and most ministers serve approximately once per month.  A more detailed description of each liturgical ministry is provided below.



Sacristan:  Sacristans oversee and work with all other liturgical ministers to ensure that all preparations for Mass are accomplished prior to each liturgy.  They are responsible for finding substitute ministers in the event of emergency absences and assisting visiting presiders, as well as being thoroughly familiar with basic procedures at the parish location where they serve and able to answer questions as needed.  Sacristans should possess good organizational skills, be attentive to detail, and be dependable.  Sacristans are scheduled on a monthly basis and generally serve about three months per year.



Lector/Reader:  Readers proclaim the words of Sacred Scripture, offer the Prayers of the Faithful and make announcements as needed.  A workbook is provided for each minister which will aid in reflection and understanding of the texts, as well as pronunciation and other aspects of effective proclamation.   Readers should expect to spend time in preparation, so that they might bring the message and spirit of God’s Word to all the faithful, that it may truly become living and active in their lives. 



Eucharistic Minister:  This ministry is open to all those who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.  Eucharistic Ministers help prepare the elements and vessels for the celebration of the Eucharist at Mass.  With reverence and humility, they assist in the distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful.  Following Mass, Eucharistic Ministers clean the vessels and restore all materials to their proper place.  Through the humble and sincere service of ministers of Communion, all those gathered are united as members of the Body of Christ and actually formed into that Body.  Those who have truly received Christ’s service in the Eucharist will know that they must serve others in return.



Greeter:  Individuals as well as families, adults and children, are invited to participate in this ministry.  Greeters welcome all who come to celebrate, distribute worship aids or other materials needed for Mass, and assist with seating and other basic information.  The energy of hospitality can generate a contagious gladness among people, a basic gladness that they have come to this place at this time, with these particular people.  This gladness and feeling of belonging leads directly to a deliberate desire to be active and attentive to the liturgy and to respond to Christ’s message. 



Usher:  The ministry of the usher, open to both individuals and families, is a varied role of service to the assembly.  Ushers serve throughout the Mass with an attitude of hospitality, are attentive to the movement and needs of individuals and offer ready aid when it is needed.  Other duties include taking a count of all those in attendance, collecting the gifts at Preparation and in general ensuring the smooth flow of the liturgy and the safety of all within the assembly.  



Altar Server (Acolyte):  This ministry is open to those in grade three or older.  The server’s primary tasks involve assisting the priest throughout the liturgy by holding books, candles or other items, carrying the processional cross, and preparing the altar before the celebration of the Eucharist.  Depending on the liturgy, other duties may also be involved, all focused on providing assistance to the presider to ensure the smooth flow of the service.  Altar servers must be attentive and responsive at all times, carrying out their duties with a sense of reverence and respect, so that the prayer of the entire assembly might proceed without interruption or distraction. 




Liturgy Support Ministries


Environment/Decorating Team:  The Decorating Team is responsible for creating liturgical environments that reflect the various seasons of the liturgical calendar throughout the year.  Under the leadership and direction of the Liturgy Director and Environment Coordinator, those on the team will help with hanging banners, arranging plants and flowers, and placing other elements of décor to provide an environment which is appropriate to the church season, promoting reflection and deeper awareness of Christ’s message, and engaging the spirit and full participation of the assembly. 


Contact:  Big Lake—Donna Forge



                 Becker—Lindsay Neumann




Altar Linen Care:  The ministry of altar linen care is concerned with providing clean linen for the celebration of the Eucharist. Ministers will, when scheduled, launder, iron and fold those linens used in the liturgy, and return them promptly to church.  Instruction is provided for the handling of these materials.  Out of reverence and respect, your ministry must be carried out with care and attention to detail.  Frequency of service depends on the number of ministers involved—at present about 6 times per year.


Contact:  Gretchen Roe