Local Mission Trip


In Mark's Gospel on July 12, we heard how Jesus sent the disciples out to minister in his name.  On July 15, 19 youth and 4 adults took that message to heart and ministered to those in our local community who needed help with work around their homes and yards.  


Every other year a group from the parish travels out-of-state for Mission Trip experiences.  After one such trip the youth mentioned to Doug Watercott, Youth Minister and leader of the trips, that there should be a "local mission trip" on those off years  to address the needs in our own community. This year was the second time a mission experience was done locally.


There were four groups with five youth and one adult in each group.  Each group went to two jobs each of the three days of service for a total of 24 jobs! They worked each day from 9 am– 4 pm. Usually they went to one job in the morning and another job in the afternoon.  In addition to Faith in Action setting up sites, we received responses from an announcement in our church bulletin for those who might need help with any type of work around the house or yard.  Each youth paid $50 to go out and serve for three days--the money was used for food and supplies needed for sites. 



Our MIssion

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