Phil Henneman


I grew up in the Twin Cities where my mother still lives in my childhood home.  I have two older and two younger siblings that all live in the state.  I live near both campuses with my beautiful bride Mindy and our seven children, Luke, Emma, Andrew, Margaret, Adeline, Jack, and Maximilian.  My wife grew up in the area and has many family members in the area. 


I was raised Lutheran Missouri Synod and heard a call towards the truth and beauty of our Catholic Faith.  I attended RCIA and then was received into the church.  I always felt that I had a call towards something more as did my wife.  Through much discernment prayers and support of family and friends I completed my master’s in Ministry of Arts from Saint John’s College and Seminary School of Theology in 2019.  I was ordained on June 8th, 2019.  The areas of ministry that I am currently assisting with are RCIA, Outreach and Faith Formation.  We have a very vibrant faith community in our Parish, our motto I think sums up our call as Christians, “See Christ in Others, Be Christ for Others”!