Pieta Repairs

At Our Lady of the Lake Cemetery

Last Winter vandalism ocurred at the Big Lake Cemetery.  The Cross from the Our Lady of the Lake cemetery was also vandalized*.  


At that time, it was discovered that the monumnet itself was in need of repair.  The mortar between the granite stones was failing and falling away.


Also noted, due to the weather, the Pieta was in need of cleaning and repair.

On Labor Day weekend, Ernie Kroll began the repair project by taking the Pieta down. Then the removal of the granite stones around the cinder block base with the assistance of PeeWee, Janet and Tim Metzger.


Once the Pieta was down, Jim Johnson shared his talents by repairing and cleaning the over 6' tall statue. 




Once the granite stones were removed, Ernie Kroll and Pete Owen began cleaning the old mortar off of the stones to prepare them to be installed again.



In early October, the granite stone re-installation began.


An Indianna limestone cap was used this time, replacing the previous concrete cap that had cracked into multiple pieces.

SAM_0426 15.jpg
SAM_0427 15.jpg
SAM_0428 15.jpg
SAM_0425 20.jpg
SAM_0429 15.jpg
SAM_0437 15.jpg
SAM_0438 15.jpg
SAM_0439 15.jpg

Then on November 3 the repaired and painted Pieta was returned to its perch on top of the rebuilt stone monument with the help of PeeWee Metzger, Tim Metzger, Ernie Kroll and contractor, Matt Kelly, of Kelly Brick & Stone.  


At last the repaired  and repainted cross was raised to its orginal station behind the Pieta.  Our thanks go out to the Saron Lutheran Youth Group for their financial donation for the repairs to the cross from their "Fat Tuesday" fundraiser last February.


In addition, our thanks to the Knights of Columbus for their monetary donation, which paid for the rebuilding of the monument and the repairing of the Pieta.





* Here is a web address to a news story regarding the vandalism to the local cemeteries on 12/13/14.