Prayer can be formal or informal, verbal or nonverbal, active or contemplative.


Prayer is communicating with God. Just as we talk and share with our best friends what is happening in our lives, so we talk and share with God. Just as we listen to our friends, so we listen to God. One of the characteristics of prayer we as Catholics believe is that with the right intention every moment of the day—all our hopes, works, joys, and sufferings—can become our prayer.


Prayer Team members agree to intentionally pray on behalf of the parish.  Although not seen, the Prayer Team is an important part of our parish ministries.


There are times when a specific and immediate prayer request is received.  Prayer Team members are contacted (via text, email or phone) with the request and are asked to fulfill the prayer request as soon as they are able


In addition to the special requests, it is suggested that each week Prayer Team members take some time to offer a prayer of intercession to God.  All members receive a Prayer Team Ministry Booklet which contains various forms of prayer, including two pages of intercessions, for their use or reference.


All who are baptized are charged to offer constant prayer to God for the world, the Church, the poor, all in need, and those who have died.


If you feel called to serve in this way, please sign up on Time and Talent or contact the office at 763-447-3339.



Prayer is a powerful gift from God.
Prayer can be used to give praise, in thanksgiving, for forgiveness, for guidance, or when in need.