A Ministry for Everyone!


As disciples we are called to see Christ in others and to be Christ for others. 


From Eucharist to faith formation to parish events to outreach projects, as a parish family there are numerous programs, activities or committees providing ways in which we can respond as disciples.  These activities and responsbibilities require financial resources from the parish. The parish budget relies heavily on the profits raised from SeptemberFest for parish programs and activities.




Why a “Block Party?”

SeptemberFest began as a parish festival but has grown into a community-wide fundraising event.  We’ve expanded the event by moving it to the open field and we are inviting the neighborhood for a Block Party!  Everyone from Big Lake, Becker, and surrounding communities are invited to come and enjoy all the activities and festivities!





With that in mind, we need each household’s help in some way. Because we’ve opened our doors and are inviting others, many additional tasks have to be addressed to ensure that SeptemberFest is a huge success. For that we need a lot of hands.


What Can I Do?

With so many details to attend to and jobs to be covered, there are numerous ways everyone can do their part! 



We realize some members are limited by finances, age or physical ability, but none of our efforts can bear fruit on their own anyway. Please sign up to pray for our efforts and a beautiful day!






Please mark your calendar for next year's big event, date.