Strategic Planning Update



Several years ago the Parish Council reviewed, tabulated, and discussed the results of the Vibrancy Tool that was presented to the parish at the suggestion of the Diocese of St. Cloud.  The Council  determined the four goals* for that following year in the areas of Stewardship, Community, Word and Worship.


A few years ago the Parish Council approved the recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee for the next set of goals, objectives and action plans  for the parish also based on the results of the Vibrancy Tool that was completed by the parish three years ago.  The followoing goals, objectives and action steps are not new but a continuation--the next steps--of the goals, etc. from the previous year *.


(*the first initial goals, objectives and actions plans are presented at the end of this next section.)




Encourage all members to discover and share their gifts and resources


What it means…our Parish’s ability to host, organize, and lead new and different activities for its

members will be limited by people dedicated to leading/taking ownership for these efforts. All

members of the Parish have gifts and talents, we need to encourage people to share these.


PDS Database: cleanup, training Staff 1/30/16




Arrange a guest speaker to talk about time, talent, treasure;

introduce the concept of Stewardship to the Parish.

Ad hoc


(Sandy H,

Brenda G,



Put all groups/committees on the website along with the

chair person’s contact info, meeting day/time, what the

group does and notes from their meetings

Brenda G




Follow up with the confirmation class and extend personal

invitations to participate (engage them while they are a

captive audience in the FF program) (tie it somehow to the

sacrament after-care)

Engage the youth!



Liturgy cty

FF cty


Contact all committee chair persons and disseminate the list

of all people who signed up for their ministry during TTT

signup. Communicate what information is needed from the

committees for the website (minutes, etc.)

Staff 10/30/15



To empower the members of our Parish to become ministers to one another in the community


What it means…Like many organizations, 1/3 of the MOV members are involved/do most of the

work. This goal is an effort to draw out the other 2/3. How do we welcome new people and

those who are on the fringes? Replacing the notion of “volunteering” with the idea that we are




To strengthen and support our Parish efforts for life-long faith formation.


What it means…Expanded programs and opportunities for all adults to be formed in their

Catholic faith. Providing after-care to encourage those who have undergone a faith experience

(Mystagogia) We invite others  we educate them  we help apply that in action



To worship together as 1 community of faith


What it means…We are a Community. We should be worshipping together. We are also

individuals and should be building our relationship with God outside of the weekly Mass.

Two things that encompass the entire plan are:

1) Our financial obligations/abilities

2) Our need to communicate in more/different/new ways



(the following were the first initial goals, objectives and action steps.)




* To worship together more as one faith community.



*To keep the current Mass time schedule while alternating the location weekly between the two campuses by the first Sunday of Advent (November 29-30, 2014)


Action Steps

*Communicate with parishioners the intention of creating the new worship schedule by September 1, 2014


*Survey parishioners twice regarding the Mass time and location plans by September 1, 2014


*Consult with the Liturgy Committees of the plan so its members may begin preparations by September 1, 2014


*Prepare and complete ministry training for both campuses based on the new Mass configuration by the first Sunday of Advent (November 29-30)




* To evaluate/expand/adjust parish leadership (staff) in order to encourage all members to discover and share their gifts and resources.



*To fill the required staff positions by December 31, 2014


Action Steps

*Create job descriptions for the staffing positions of secretary/reception/administrative/coordinator, the janitorial/housekeeping and director of music and liturgy by September 1, 2014


*To ensure that all those who have stepped forward with the Time & Talent ministry sign-up have been integrated into their chosen ministry by December 31,






* To strengthen and support our parish efforts for life-long faith formation.



*To investigate and develop strong adult Faith Formation programs and after-care programs for those who have recently experienced a sacrament for the first time.


Action Steps

*Council member will form a temporary study group to investigate and recommend ideas by September 1, 2014


*The study group investigates what other churches do and provide recommendations for our Parish Council & Strategic Planning







To empower all members of our parish to become ministers to one another in the community



To encourage a larger segment of parishioners to be involved in the welcoming of new parishioners process


Action Steps

By September 1, 2014, the parish staff shall complete an updated version of the Welcome Packet for new parishioners


By September 1, 2014, Lori Kohorst will meet with the Hospitality Committee to see if that group can take ownership of the welcoming process


By September 1, 2014, Lori Kohorst will see if the Hospitality Committee can develop the process for a monthly hospitality event after Mass (rolls, coffee,



By September 1, 2014, Keith Klein will meet with the Faith Formation Committee to see if that group can take ownership for volunteers to host the monthly events after Mass (families from the Faith Formation programs)


By December 31, 2014, the Hospitality Committee will start the monthly after– Mass hospitality events