As disciples we are called to see Christ in others and to be Christ for others. 


Whether it’s a birthday card, Christmas card, or a “just-thinking-of-you” card that arrives in the mail, the knowledge that someone cares and is thinking of you can brighten someones day and remind them that they are not forgotten! 


That is why the “Sunshine Club” was formed.  


The Sunshine Club gathers every 2-3 months to prepare cards:


  • to send to members of the parish that are 80+ on their birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Currently there are 106 members in that age group

  • for residents in local nursing homes--and occasionally will deliver and visit as well 

  • for Christmas for those military service personnel listed in our parish bulletin



The feedback has been very positive and appreciative including:


  • “I am 92 and am more or less homebound-- so I love your cheery cards!”

  • “I have been the recipient of your nice cards. Such a nice thing to do!”



Would you like to be a part of a group where you can socialize with others while bringing a little sunshine into someone else’s day? 


Are you looking for a way you can help others even though your schedule changes so much it’s usually difficult to commit? 


Consider joining the “Sunshine Club!”


Check the bulletin for the next meeting or call Mary Kimmes at 763-263-2971.