Wish List Gifts/Donations Received


Below is a list of items that individuals and/or groups generously donated the necessary funds to complete items that appeared on our "Wish List.'" 


The "Wish List" are items that are needed, will be needed at some future point, or would be nice to have--all of which cannot be accomplished within the normal operating budget at this time.


If you find yourself wanting to help in some special way--as a memorial or unique remembrance--perhaps one of the items listed below would be appropriate for you and your wishes.  (Go here to see the projects that currently are on our "Wish List.")


The overall cost of the complete project above your budget?  No worries--we'll set your donation aside until we receive enough donations from others and are able to complete the project.  Just let us know which project your donation is intended for.


(* denotes the Building and Grounds ranking of degree of importance, #1 being the most important)



  • New furnace needed at the rectory building in Becker

    • $2,500   (*7)

      • donation received







  • AED (automatic external defibilators) for both campuses

    • donation received from KC's


  • Hearing Devices (New units for Becker and repairs to units for Big Lake)

    • $3,000

      • donation received from KC's


  • Sound System Replaced at Becker

    • $20,000

      • raised $9,000 from Wishes with the Stars

      • donation received from KC's


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