Gretchen Roe (763-447-3339 or 763-262-7388)

Music Ministry

The role of the music minister has many facets.  Singers and instrumentalists serve at all liturgies, leading worship in song, encouraging assembly participation and enhancing the beauty of the liturgy.  There are opportunities for individuals of all ages and skill levels, from amateur to professional.


Anyone with a desire to participate, but who is unsure of what area of ministry would suit them best, is encouraged to discuss their desires and background with the Music Director so that a comfortable and rewarding match of talents and goals can be achieved.  Below is a description of each area of Music Ministry.



Adult Choir:


Our Adult Choir serves at both Big Lake and Becker, and is open to all singers age 16 and over.  Rehearsals generally take place September-May. This choir sings approximately twice a month for Mass and for other major liturgies throughout the year.  Although some note-reading experience is helpful, this is not necessary. A large and diverse range of musical styles is utilized, from traditional to contemporary.  



Youth Ensemble:


This music group is open to students in grades 7-12.  Rehearsals take place September-May.  The ensemble sings approximately once a month for weekend Masses and may also lead music for other Faith Formation or Youth Events as requested.  In addition to singers, there is an opportunity for many instrumentalists to participate as well, including those who play guitar, bass, drums and other band instruments.  Instrumentalists should be able to play at an intermediate skill level.  This ensemble uses a predominantly contemporary style of repertoire.



Children’s Choir:


The Children’s Choir in open to all students in grades 2-6 who enjoy singing. This group rehearses October-April, and sings approximately once a month for weekend Masses.  Students will have an opportunity to play percussion instruments and learn some basic sign language when appropriate to the repertoire.  



Cantor Ministry:


Cantors are singers who lead worship individually or in small groups.  Those who wish to serve as a cantor should be reasonably confident in their singing ability, able to match pitch accurately and have some prior note-reading experience.  In addition, cantors have a more obvious role of hospitality than those singers working in larger groups, and will be called on to directly encourage assembly participation through the use of eye contact, gesture and body language.  Training/coaching in these skills is provided.





Our music programs are greatly enhanced by the talents of many instrumentalists.  Guitar, drums and flute are used regularly.  Many other instruments (woodwinds, strings and brass) might also be used, depending on need and availability.  Instrumentalists can serve on a regular basis or more sporadically, based on their own preference and the needs of the program.  Those who wish to serve in this area must be able to provide their own instrument and play at approximately an intermediate level or beyond.  





The piano is the primary accompanying instrument used at every liturgy to lead and support the singing of the entire community.  Accompanists must possess keyboard skills and play with confidence at the late intermediate level or beyond.  Strong communication skills and an understanding of Catholic liturgy are also required.  Ministers in this area should expect to attend rehearsals when scheduled to work with others in the program.  In addition, all accompanists spend additional time outside rehearsal preparing the music on their own.  Accompanists new to the program will meet with the Music Director for an initial interview.  Because this ministry requires a professional level of training and experience, this is a paid position.