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Our Catholic cemeteries are Holy Places--sacred grounds blessed by the Church and dedicated as a place of prayer and dignity for our faithfully departed.  We desire that all visits to the cemetery be frequent, prayerful and strengthening to your faith. 


To better serve all families who entrust their beloved to our care and visit the cemeteries, and to maintain them to be neat and presentable, specific RULES AND REGULATIONS have been adopted by Church of Mary of the Visitation for the Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery located in the 1100 block of Sherburne Avenue SE, Becker, MN  55308 and the Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Cemetery located in the 500 block of Eagle Lake Road North, Big Lake, MN 55309.  Contact the parish office for a copy of the complete RULES AND REGULATIONS.  Below you can find decorating policies and helpful terminology.


The word "cemetery" is derived from a Greek word meaning "sleeping chamber"; an appropriate way to describe the final resting place of departed members of the Catholic Christian Community who profess confident belief in the resurrection. From ancient times, bodies placed in Christian cemeteries have all been situated so that they face the east, the direction of the "rising" sun.  



The permanent disposition of the remains of a deceased person by burial with a casket



The permanent disposition of the cremated remains of a deceased person by burial with an urn



A lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the casket or urn, protecting it from the weight of the earth and heavy maintenance equipment, resists water, and prevents the ground from settling



Identifies the grave by either              

  •  monument (above ground and is placed at the head of the grave)

  •  marker (level with the ground and is placed at the head of the grave)


Perpetual Care

Applies to the entire cemetery provided by either perpetual care fund or by the Church of Mary of the Visitation.  Consists of cutting the grass and general preservation of the grounds.  In no case does perpetual care mean maintenance, repair or replacement of any vase, basket, memorial, flower or other object place upon a grave.


Right of Burial Purchase

When you purchase a grave space you are purchasing the right to be buried in that particular grave space (it is an easement, license, or privilege.)  The legal ownership of the actual parcel of land remains with the cemetery itself.  An element of this right is the privilege to be buried according to the usual custom in the community and pursuant to the rules and regulations set forth by the Cemetery Committee.

The Immaculate Conception Cemetery and the Our Lady of the Lake Cemetery are intended for the burial of Catholic Christians and their families.  The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to refuse the interment of anyone who was not, at the time of their death, the owner of the right of burial or a relative of the owner of the right of burial by blood or marriage.


  • No grave space shall be purchased for any purpose other than for the burial of human dead and the placement of appropriate memorials.  Purchaser must be a member of Mary of the Visitation for at least one (1) year prior to purchase.  Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the Cemetery Committee .


  • Sales are made by grave space.  Purchase price includes perpetual grounds keeping care as previously described.  The purchase price must be paid before burials are made.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Checks should be made payable to Mary of the Visitation.   A notation on the check memo line should indicate to which cemetery the payment is to be credited. 


  • No “Right of Burial” (grave space) will be sold in common or joint ownership.  Title must stand in one name.  Purchaser of grave space will be issued a receipt for the “right-to-burial,” not the purchase of the lot.


  • Purchaser of “Right of Burial” cannot resell the right to another party.   It can, however, be sold back at the original purchase price to the Immaculate Conception Cemetery or the Our Lady of the Lake Cemetery, at which time it will be available for purchase by others.


Decorating a grave is a privilege not a right. This Decoration Policy safeguards both the lot holder and the Cemetery.   In many cases, they will directly reflect on the health and safety of patrons and volunteers.   The Cemetery Committee cannot assume any liability for decorations placed on grave sites.  It is recommended that families take into consideration these rules and regulations when selecting flowers or decorations for graves. 


There are valid reasons for this Decoration Policy. We ask your cooperation in following them.   The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to remove and discard at any time, without notice, any and all decorations or objects which violate this decoration policy as well as those decorations or objects it deems unsightly, offensive to nearby lot holders, and/or are not in keeping with the spirit of the decoration policy. The Cemetery Committee assumes no liability whatsoever for removal and discarding as stated herein nor will it accept liability for damage done to decorations due to vandalism, theft, wind, vehicles, animals, chemicals used in weed and pest control, landscaping design, snow or leaf removal, mowing, or machinery-making interments. Failure of the Cemetery Committee to enforce any provision(s) of this Decoration policy does not bar it from enforcing such provisions(s) at a later date.


  • Potted plants, artificial flowers and decorations are permitted if they are in permanent stands or vases.  They may be placed on graves after the Spring Cleanup has been completed.

  • Natural evergreen wreaths are permitted from November 15-January 15. 

  • Single-post plant stands are allowed if they are ½” to 2” in diameter and at least two feet high.  Only one plant stand per grave site is allowed.  All flower vases must be installed with approval of Cemetery Committee.  The Cemetery Committee is not responsible for any stands and/or vases.

  • No trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, ground cover, etc. may be planted in the ground.

  • The use of birdhouses, feeders, birdbaths, benches, solar lights or any ornaments deemed inappropriate by the Cemetery Committee shall not be permitted on any grave.

  • Flags, not to exceed 16” in height, may be placed on gravesites. Flags which have become unsightly will be removed by cemetery maintenance.

  • Glass containers are not permitted at any burial site at any time.

  • Open flame candles are not allowed at any time.

  • Decorations need to be placed so they are in line (touch) the top edge of the memorial.  The right is reserved to regulate the method of decorations of graves so that uniformity may be maintained. 

  • The Cemetery Committee may remove items which are contrary to the regulations and is not responsible for them once removed.


Clean-Up Periods:  

In preparation for spring, between April 15 and May 15 at both cemeteries and in preparation of winter, between October 16 and November 15 at Immaculate Conception the cemetery grounds will be cleaned.  If you wish to save any decorations, please remove them before April 15 or October 16.  All decorations remaining will be removed and disposed of during these times.   Decorations placed during the clean-up periods are subject to removal and disposal without any further notice. 


Many people visit the Cemetery each year. Because the Cemetery is open to the public, it is very difficult to control the activity of every visitor. We regret that we cannot guarantee decorations will be free from damage or disappearance and we caution you against leaving anything of great value on any grave site in the Cemetery.


Plot Descriptions and Marker Guidelines:  

The following apply to both Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of the Lake cemeteries:

· All headstones are to face EAST

· A member of the Cemetery Board must be notified

  before a stone is placed.

· All monuments are to be placed on a 3” concrete border


See Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of the Lake layouts for specifics pertaining to individual cemeteries.

For more information, contact Mary of the Visitation office at 763-447-3339.

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